Ryoko : Last OS written in Rust


What is Ryoko?

Ryoko is the Realtime, Robust, and Reliable OS for many-core processor.

Our first target is many-core RISC-V processor.

Who is Ryoko?

Ryoko SAKURAI(櫻井 了子) is a head scientist of S.O.N.G., and creator of the Symphogear. She has the ability to form powerful force-fields. Her loyalties are somehow questionable, as she concerns herself more over the Symphogears and related relic experiments. Ryoko is revealed to be in actuality the main antagonist, Finé, who had possessed Ryoko’s body and erased her consciousness long ago, for Finé’s ultimate goal of using the power of Kadingir (Sumerian name of Babylon) to destroy the moon and bring about chaos on Earth.

from Wikipedia <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Symphogear>

“了” means last in Japanese, and “Finé” means last in Italian too.


Repositories of Ryoko ealy stages

try and error, try and error, try and error…

Ryoko(Finé) says “I revive agin and again!”.

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